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Win Storefront and Curtain Wall Jobs with GDS WinBidPro v15!
“We use the program not only to estimate materials, but to generate elevation drawings for shop drawings, generate accurate material take-offs, create Fabrication Drawings, and then use it to program our TigerStop.”
 Lester Alter, D & A Glass

“I just wanted to let you know the V15 program is an amazing tool for my business. There doesn’t appear to be anything the program cannot do. I am still amazed at all of the V15 features.”
Kurt Smith, Koch Corp
Make Your Glass Bidding Job a Little Easier!
WinBidProWinBidPro, the simplest and most affordable estimating software for commercial glazing, offers the leading bid preparation program for window, glass, storefront, curtain wall, and entrance projects. The Windows-based package supports FREE parts catalogs for use in conjunction with WinBidPro for all of the manufacturers listed below. (Get your 30-day FREE trial of WinBidPro at GDS Storefront Estimating!)

WinBidPro does the storefront and curtain wall estimating and drawing work for you.

Easily enter the job specs for elevation takeoffs while WinBidPro pulls in all the details from the included manufacturer's catalogs. WinBidPro optimizes stock lengths to both minimize costs and maximum cutting efficiency. WinBidPro automatically generates elevation drawings, full parts and glass reports with sizes and prices, and cut list reports, plus glass and metal labels for use on the job.
Contractors have confidence in the accuracy of WinBidPro storefront or curtain wall estimates.

They know that you're dealing with all the details of the job. Each estimate is easily adaptable to the unique requirements of a job. WinBidPro draws details from the catalogs for the major storefront and curtain wall system manufacturers which can then be independently modified for the job. WinBidPro uses your real parts multipliers and actual labor costs to generate an accurate estimate which will create winning and profitable bids.
When you win a WinBidPro job, you have everything you need to complete the storefront or curtain wall job.

When you do a WinBidPro estimate, it easily generates all the necessary drawings and reports to complete the job properly and professionally. WinBidPro prints scale elevations with details, as well as exporting Cut List files for fabrication to a TigerStop® automated saw stop and pass reports to GTS GlasPac LX® for purchasing and job management.

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 See how valuable this tool can be for your business.


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