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Manko Window Systems

Manko Window Systems

For over 25 years, Manko Window Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing Architectural Aluminum Windows, Entrances, Storefronts, and Curtain Walls to precise standards

Designers enjoy the flexibility of standard or custom products allowing unlimited enhancements to their building's overall performance. Specifiers count on us to deliver what they demand

Bring your design ideas to Manko and together we will find the best solution. Manko Window Systems, Inc was started in April 1988 to furnish contract glazing companies with a reliable, efficient source of projected and fixed commercial windows.

Company History

Manko began with two full-time employees. By the end of 1989, we had progressed to five full-time employees. Manufacturer's sales representatives provided the product orders.

In the fourth quarter of 1990, Manko introduced a line of storefront extrusions and began fabricating entrance doors. By 1991, the Manko staff had grown to 16 people. In 1992, hung and sliding windows were introduced. In early 1993. two major glass distributors exited the wholesale glass and storefront market, thus leaving western Kansas and Nebraska with a need for this service. This has grown into a major portion of Manko Window System's business. Employee numbers have grown from 5 in 1989 to over 300 in 2010. Sales are now provided by manufacturer's representatives in over 28 states.

Along with this growth, Manko Window Systems, Inc has added additional operations in Denver, CO (a warehouse and fabrication center) and a retail, auto glass, and contract installation shop in Junction City, KS. Manufacturing space has increased from 5,000 square feet in 1988 to over 250.000 square feet in 2010. This includes a revolutionary powder coat paint line and a convection tempered glass oven.

Further updates of CNC machinery and Automated Glass handling and fabrication equipment make window and door products, contract glazing, and wholesale distribution more competitive. Manko Window Systems Inc. currently produces 35 types of commercial window systems, 18 types of entrance doors, 6 storefront systems, and 6 curtain wall systems.

Earning a reputation for value, reliability, and customer service

Anyone can say it, but we've proven it. Our experienced team is ready and willing to assist you backed by state-of-the-art equipment technology, our own trucking fleet for on-time delivery, and engineered products with standard Manko quality and sustainability built-in.

800 Hayes Drive
Manhattan, KS 66502
Telephone: (800) 642-1488
Fax: (800) 576-2656
Web Site:
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